What banks grant a loan without a BIK in the form of a car loan? – Fast cash loans

If someone can’t afford to buy a new car for cash, they usually decide to take out a loan at the bank. In this case, you can borrow a specific amount of money, which can only be used for the purpose indicated in the application in the form of the selected vehicle. However, what if the bank refuses us financial support due to our unfavorable credit history?

Fortunately, not everything is lost and you can apply for a car loan at non-bank institutions. Sharawbanks do not impose excessive requirements on their potential clients and lend even to people with a negative entry in the BIK databases.

Car loan without BIK – who will grant it?

Car loan without BIK - who will grant it?

If we do not pay our debt on time, it will unfortunately affect our credit history. The Credit Information Bureau provides lenders with information about our delays in burning credit or how we use the credit limit. For the bank, an unfavorable credit history is a reason for the negative consideration of our loan application, but it is different for non-bank institutions.

Sharawbanks – loans without BIK

Sharawbanks take into account our credit history, but if it is low, they do not completely cancel our chances of getting a commitment. For example, a loan for a used car up to USD 100,000 can be obtained from Autokapital. The loan is secured by a passenger car up to 12 years or a delivery car up to 8 years.

Loango is another company providing loans without BIK. The loan amount can be up to USD 45 thousand, and the loan period lasts from six to 48 months. Next we have a Moto-loan, where you can take out a car loan from the age of eighteen. You can borrow up to USD 50,000 and the security is a passenger vehicle up to 20 years old.

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