How much does car repair cost?

Mechanics usually distinguish between two types of customers who visit their workshops. The first are determined on a specific service. They quickly know the price of the part and the so-called labor and know what to prepare for. The second group are uninformed drivers who do not quite feel what is happening with the car. He’s knocking somewhere, knocking somewhere, downloading a bit. Such a customer must get ready for a service full of surprises.

It is impossible to determine in advance how much the car repair will cost. The price depends on many factors. The basic cost is parts and labor. The first one depends on the severity of the fault and the car model. Determining the price of the repair itself is not easy either.

When a mechanic has to get to a cheap and small device in a car by dismantling the engine, the service will be really expensive. This is the case, for example, if the head gasket is damaged. Of course, prices also depend on the city in which the workshop or occupancy is located. Let’s try to estimate how much the most popular repairs can cost.

What is necessary, i.e. replacement of timing gear and fluids

What is necessary, i.e. replacement of timing gear and fluids

It is mandatory to change the timing and fluids in every car. You must be prepared to change the oil, coolant or brake fluid. Oil change with filter is made in older cars after driving about 15,000 kilometers or in new models after about 30 – 50 thousand. km. The price of this service depends on the type of grease and the cost of the filter. Most often it ranges from 150 to 500 zlotys. It is cheaper to change the brake fluid – here the cost is about 80-150 USD.

However, timing is expensive – the parts themselves may cost several hundred zlotys. In some cars, the cost of replacing the timing system is USD 4,000. Of course, we are talking about a comprehensive repair, not a change in the belt itself. However, in more popular car models exchange prices are not so high and oscillate around 500 zlotys.

Suspension will cost

The system responsible for proper handling of the vehicle also wears quickly. The repair price depends on the parts you need to replace. For example, the cost of replacing the rod end is from 40 to 120 zlotys (plus parts that cost from 30 to even 300 zlotys). Replacement of the swingarm bushes or the entire swingarm is approximately USD 150-200 (the swingarm prices are very different, and in some cases reach up to USD 1,000!).

Replacing the rear beam bushing is the most expensive. The mechanic must disassemble virtually the entire rear system. Expense? Even 800 zlotys!

If you do the repair yourself, then you should put the car in the so-called wheel alignment. Here, the bets count from USD 100 to USD 200.

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