First loan for 60 days for free

60 days is the perfect time to borrow money and to repay the loan after this period. In other words, a full two months, quite a significant fragment of time that allows you to conveniently implement your plans. However, a small problem appears on the financial market for just 60 days. It is about the time limit for non-bank companies to grant quick loans online.


It’s hard to find a 60-day offer

It turns out that such a fragment of time is a very rare option when it comes to loans – why?

Fast online loan, the so-called payday loan

Fast online loan, the so-called payday loan

Here, loan companies’ offers available for 30 days prevail. So you borrow about $ 3,000 for a maximum period of 30 days and you must pay it back within this period. Of course, such a loan is then free (when you are a new customer of a given loan company – most lenders offer such a promotion). This is a very advantageous option!

However, there are loan companies on the market that grant loans for 45 days . This may be a good alternative for you. Such offers include, for example, BorrowOn and Extra Purse. Here, you can even borrow $ 3,000 for free, of course, if you have not been their customer before.

  • Take a loan for 45 days at BorrowOn
  • Take a loan for 45 days in Extra Purse


Installment loan

Installment loan

It is a long-term loan, just like a traditional bank loan, it is granted for a longer period of time and in installments. This is a good offer for people who want to borrow a larger sum of money for a long time. Thanks to the possibility of repayment in convenient monthly installments, it is not so burdensome for our daily budget. Finding a loan for 60 days is worth starting by checking the offers presented below, you can conveniently apply here.

The disadvantage may be that such offers are not available for free. In other words, loan companies add commissions and interest on the loan (similar to banks). The costs are not large, of course a lot depends simply on the offer we used. Below are some offers of just such long-term loans. It’s worth to be interested. In most cases, the minimum time I can borrow money is 3 months, but it’s definitely worth checking out:

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