First loan for 60 days for free

60 days is the perfect time to borrow money and to repay the loan after this period. In other words, a full two months, quite a significant fragment of time that allows you to conveniently implement your plans. However, a small problem appears on the financial market for just 60 days. It is about the time limit for non-bank companies […]

Loan for the purchase of an apartment

On the Polish market today you can find many companies granting loans or offering loans. In addition to banks, non-bank institutions are becoming more and more popular. But it is not always possible or profitable to use their services. It is true that you can have money on your account the same day, without filling out a lot of documents. […]

Loans and interest

For example, when taking a loan from a bank, you should always pay special attention to the interest associated with the amount that is granted to the borrower. Very often, the problems associated with the repayment of the loan or credit mentioned earlier are due to the fact that people only calculate the program of repayment of funds that were […]